Welcome to ChasingBulls.com!

This is a new project and outlet for market, news, and economic commentary. I am well aware of the vast number of blogs already out there addressing these topics and issues. What I am hoping to offer is a resource for collecting the information from the great blogs that already exist. I am also hoping to add a slightly varying perspective to the wealth of information. My perspective is that of someone who actively participates in the global equity markets as my main source of income and hobby. I do so with a great deal of skepticism about the global macro environment and especially the domestic United States economic sustainability. My investment strategy has been focused toward micro-level undervalued equities with a heavy emphasis toward sustainability. I am a micro-level investor with a value orientation. I rely heavily on social science methodologies (my educational background) with firm underpinnings in quantitative financial analysis. I say this only as a disclaimer. I want to be forthright about my perspective and expertise. I also want to be straightforward about my investment returns. This is not to be taken as any form of advertisement. I will relay only my yearly compounded investment returns as a further means for you to weigh my content. I am very aware that anyone can get a WordPress account and claim to be an expert. Therefore, I am making my best effort at providing some validity and ways of measuring my content.

The macro environment is my hobby. I am fascinated with its lack of predictability and the overwhelming number of voices that claim to provide forecast. I am a student of macroeconomics. I am constantly reading and educating myself on global economics and domestic macro trends. I try to filter the macroeconomics trends out of my investment strategy. This blog will address and speculate on macro-level trends, but know that this is an informed opinion, one which I filter out of my investment strategies and analysis. I realize the self-contradiction here, but such is life.

ChasingBulls.com is not a place for investment advice in any form. Do your own research and come up with your own investment strategy (it is more fun that way!). It reflects the education and thoughts of its author only. It does not represent the thoughts, opinions, or ideas of my clients. It is solely the informed musings of the author and his educational journey and fascination with economics, equity markets, and politics on the global macro and micro levels. I hope you enjoy!