When February turns into March

Between taxes, moving, and selling, the expected return on this venture has passed. It is now a month later and a very exciting month has passed without any commentary (I suspect there has been enough out in the web to keep you occupied). The end of February and the first two weeks of March have been flooded with major market and global events, which I will make some passing comments on over the net few weeks when we are able to gain some perspective. Moving forward, I hope this marks a new start with more longevity than the unforeseen false start in January. I will get anything up to date and get the content rolling again this month. While it will be a slow round until April (when I get fully relocated), I hope to build up stream over the next four weeks. 
A few parting words of wisdom from people much smarter than me: Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. Trade smart! It is harder to get in the positive percentages from negative ones and than already positive ones.