Are Entrepreneurs Crazy?

Chris, one of the entrepreneurs behind TradeWithPros and many other projects sent me a link to a New York Times piece, Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs, which I just got around to reading this morning and had some thoughts.

First, there is some stereotyping and playing up on the idea of tech entrepreneurs here. That is journalism, but I think most of the core of the article is pretty solid. Entrepreneurs are always working, always willing to take calculated risk, and always super passionate about their current best idea. This is in many ways the key to their success.

I wish someone would write about all the unsexy parts of being an entrepreneur… years of hard work with little return, countless rejections, living far below your means to dump money into development, working jobs just for cash while you develop and build, all the failures along the road, etc. Someone pick that story up and run with it.

Worth your time to read the article…

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