Seems like Fall is new venture launch time in my world. Last fall was the launch of 20/20 Fitness Centers and Mecafresh, and we have four new launches planned for this fall and one expansion project. More to come on those, but I wanted to take a look back at last year’s round on the eve of this new round and maybe start to flesh out some thoughts.


First, I give myself a solid C- on last year’s round. There are a lot of reasons for this and the problems started with the idea excitement from the very beginning. Ideas are fun and sexy, no doubt about it. They hit you like bolts of lighting and run through you with the same force. At least for me, I get energized by the dynamic movements and eternal problem solving that comes from getting ideas to execution. I knew this excitement and passion for new deals had to be carefully monitored but my hubris in these two areas got the best of me more than once during these launches. The projects were two Mecafresh locations, Evanston, IL and Stuart, FL, and a new gym concept, 20/20 Fitness Centers in Stuart, FL.


Since these two openings, I have spent a good deal of time thinking and working through idea flow, execution, and partnerships. These are the key areas where my solid A ability got translated into a solid C- execution.  My frustration with this poor showing turned into a desire to learn from the many mistakes with these two projects and I realized these mistakes aren’t all that uncommon. In fact, I would venture to say they are the basis for most mistakes with launches. There is also no shortage of books/thoughts on these three areas. Don’t believe me? Search Amazon. I have read though many of them and found two I like on idea flow and partnerships, but I find myself still a little wanting on the topic of execution. 


Over the next few posts, I am going to hash out some of these failures and some of the things I am going to change as this next round of launches start rolling out.

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