The Great CEO

Being a CEO is a tough job. It is lonely. It is always front and center in your life. It is a juggling contest. It is so many small details that manifest themselves in a simple three letters: CEO. Great CEOs are hard to find; rare beasts. The great ones deserve every penny they make and they’re a pleasure to partner and work with. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many great ones.

Most people should not be CEOs or inspire to be. Some people fall into the role because they are the last good person standing or they are subject matter experts. They generally are average at best. If you inspire to be a great CEO, Brad Feld’s post today and Fred Wilson’s older post will tell you everything you need to know. This list Brad posted today is brilliant:

  • Lead by example by holding myself and all accountable, no matter how hard.
  • Set the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicate it to all stakeholders.
  • Recruit, hire, and retain the very best talent and inspire them.
  • Make sure there is always enough cash in the bank.
  • Be the advocate for the customer over the company’s short-term needs.
  • Drive the execution and evolve the operating system.
  • Champion the company and our mission to the world.

It’s a simple list of items to manage, but hard to master. Greatness is in mastery.

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